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Sticks 96 Golf Repair Shop

Repair Shop

Sticks 96 Golf provides on-site full service golf club repair services.  From high-tech reshaft work, broken club repair, loft/lie changes or club regripping, all work is performed in a timely manner, with a guarantee on workmanship and materials. Great care and pride is taken by the work done in our golf shop. We treat your clubs as if they were our own.  Keep your golf equipment up to par at the most complete golf store in the Wichita area.


Repair Services & Pricing Per Club 


Grip Install (customer grip) 

$5.00 per club

$40.00 per set

Loft/Lie Adjustment 

$9.00 per club

$50.00 per set

Frequency Check    

$5.00 per club 

$40.00 per set

Install Customer Adapter

$10.00 per club


Head Re-Epoxy 

$10.00 per club


Club Re-shaft

$25.00 per club 

$30.00 bore thru

Lengthen Shaft   

$10.00 per club

$60.00 per set

Shorten Shaft 

$5.00 per club


Remove Broken Shaft  

$15.00 per club


Replace Ferrule         

$10.00 per club


Remove Rattle 

$12.00 per club

$35.00 shaft removal

Swing-Weight Adjustment

$10.00 per club


Club Grinding / Stamping

Job specific




Give us a call or stop by; professionally trained, qualified and certified technicians are on staff to answer any questions.