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Sticks 96 Golf Testimonials

Bill Q. says: Bruce and his staff are truly professionals in what they do: *Put the customer first *Do more than expected - not on a time clock *Deliver on promises *Practice good manners and etique *Share knowledge *Pleasant personality *Positive image

Shawn R. says: Bruce was very helpful and patient with my full bag fitting. The session started as fitting but progressed into a golf lesson. Bruce was able to give me instant feedback on every club I hit. I appreciate everything he said and did to help me with my swing. I look forward to working with Bruce in the future.

Frank H. says: I have to say that the experience was very informative. Bruce was helpful and patient working with my 17 year old son. We spent a good deal of time hitting different shaft combinations to try and dial in the best option. Once the simulator fitting was complete they sent us home with the shaft to field test at our course promising if we weren't happy we could test other shafts that fit the profile for his needs. The service and courtesy we received were great. It will definitely not be our last fitting.

Matt I. says: Recently came in to get fitted for new irons as mine were fairly dated. The process was very easy and efficient and also informative. Being able to test out different combinations and see results from the flight monitor was very helpful. Sticks 96 Golf had so many different clubs and shafts to choose from I am confident everyone can find what they are looking for. Do yourself a favor and get fitted by these guys and walk away with a set of clubs custom fitted to perform the best for your swing type.

Michael L. says: The experience was excellent. Bruce was extremely helpful and patient. He went through all the different options to make sure I have the right clubs. No sale pressure.

Adam A. says: I'm upgrading my 10 year old irons and couldn't be happier with how Bruce and Chris are helping. Zero pressure to rush things or buy new - and the one time fitting fee lets me go back as needed and keep using the equipment. They want my input and respect my budget. Awesome experience. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their game.

Ashley H. says: Got fitted for Hybrids. Started by distancing my 5 iron. Launch monitor was spot on distance wise for this club. Hit about 7 different models before settling on two that were well ahead of the others for me. Between them it was more distance or more consistency. Choose consistency and sent the order through. They have a nice selection of manufacturers and since I don't have a favorite I was able to hit a good mix of things. Went in late on a Saturday so the store wasn't too busy so I could focus on the task at hand. Ultimate statement for a business, I will go back when I need more clubs. : )

Alex L. says: I was very please with the help that I received from Bruce Martin. He was very professional and helpful. I am a firm believer now in club fitting. Thank you Bruce.

Ryan M. says: Recently got fitted for irons. After hitting about 10 different makes/models, Bruce easily helped me narrow down the choices. Bruce's equipment knowledge is off the charts! And the amount of data they capture is extremely helpful in understanding what you're looking for in a club. I can't believe I waited this long to have this done. Should've done it years ago. I highly recommend it!

Adam A. says: I went in with a old TM R9 and new TM JetSpeed that was a giveaway at a recent corporate event. It wasn't in the budget to invest much more than the $100 fitting at this time so I let Chris and Bruce know that I wanted to try to max out the R9 or JetSpeed, but was also curious what else might be out there. They exceeded my expectations and I walked out with the new JetSpeed dialed in to give me 11yds more carry and 18yds more total than what I was getting with the R9. This was my first fitting experience, but it won't be my last. Learning swing speed, launch angle, back spin, dispersion, etc was very helpful and a lot of fun. In the past I would have just gone off feel - but having the data is so much better and adds much confidence to my game. Since I hadn't hit the new JetSpeed I was happy to learn they'd let me trade for any different standard loft head or flex shaft they had in stock. I also thrilled to learn that the $100 Driver fitting isn't just a one time session - but is something I can do again as needed.

Cy N. says: My current 3 metal is a 20 year old Big Bertha with which I am most comfortable. I recently asked Bruce if new technology might help enough for me to consider parting with "an old friend." He just smiled. So yesterday afternoon I went through Sticks 96 Golf's fitting process, and I have never experienced more immediate feedback in any process . . . with the possible exception of the time back in the '70's when I donned a diaper (only) as the New Years Eve baby and ran through a company dinner/dance populated heavily by management. My "mature" 3 metal was 122.5 mph ball speed, 180 yd carry and 202 yd total distance - just as on the course. I tested 5 new clubs and ALL were materially better, with the Taylormade SLDR coming in at 131/203/230. Can't wait for the test drive later this week . . . thanks, Bruce, for helping a "seasoned citizen" enjoy this wonderful game even more.

Mel N. says: Had a fitting for a driver last week and the session was excellent. Thought I had narrowed my search down to 3 or 4 clubs prior to the fitting but ended up hitting just about everything in the shop. Turns out the last club I hit provided the best results and it was not one I had given any consideration. Also discovered that a shorter club resulted in better ball flight and 12 more yards of distance. Took the old driver and new driver to the course and the new one is 12 - 15 yards longer! Very important for someone almost 72 years old!!! 

Roger L. says: This is the second time I’ve been through a process like this, once for a set of irons a few years ago from a Sticks 96 Golf in a different state, and now this one for a Driver, fairway woods/hybrids, and putter. Bruce was excellent and spent 2.5 hours with me going through the process and dialing in on the best fit for me. Like the first time I went through the process, I walked out with something totally different than I had in mind as I walked in from a brand stand point. If you have an open mind and are willing to consider aesthetics, feel, and actual data in your decision this process is for you. Frankly based on what equipment these days cost vs. the nominal cost to go through a fitting process I will never buy another piece of equipment without getting properly fit.
Muz A. says: I had the opportunity to get my putter and driver fitted by both Bruce and Chris the other day and all I can say is that they are really helpful. They shared all the information you need to know and give you immediate feedback on your game and what can be improve. Overall, two thumbs up. I will come back for my iron and wedge fitting soon. Sticks 96 Golf is home away from home.
Dan Y. says: Bruce is as good as they come. The fitting went great. We figured out that I should be able to get an additional 15 to 20 yards once we get the right combination of shaft and head. Sticks 96 Golf Is determined to help me find this combination and not willing to stop until we do. Thanks Sticks 96 Golf for being determined as I am to find the right driver. 

Bill B.

Best investment for improvement I've ever made.

The session was everything I hoped it would be and more. The capability to capture and analyze all of the important parameters is impressive. I have been playing for 40+ years and the thoughtful discussion with Chris during the session dismissed some misconceptions as well as educated me on the impact of very minor adjustments. I am really looking forward to playing with the new club. I would highly recommend this process as it is conducted in your new shop. Thanks very much for the help with my game.


Allen O. says: I am very pleased with the results achieved in fitting a new driver and definitely recommend Sticks 96 Golf to anyone who has the desire to improve their game. I now enjoy a significant increase in both distance and accuracy! Can't expect any more than that.


Cy N. says: Did a driver and iron fitting yesterday. Your equipment is remarkable - the instantaneous feedback permits learning, but more importantly understanding. I have been playing golf since I was 8 and never understood the impact minor adjustments in club specifications could make - and I could see those results pronto on the screen. Wishing you every success, and I promise to let you know how the new shaft in the old head performs - on grass.  


Jack Pelton

Just had my fitting done. Incredible process. Highly recommend this to everyone. I know I will clearly get better results on the course. You can see it during the process.


Paul Wheeler

Took in all my clubs today, had a fitting and discovered a number of issues with my clubs. Shafts, weight, club angle, club length, gaps in loft between my pitching wedge and the rest of my wedges. The technology and fitting equipment they have enabled them to make adjustments based on my body dimensions and my swing to design the right clubs for me. It was amazing to experience how each adjustment affected my distance and accuracy. I ended up with a new set of irons, including 3 wedges, a new driver and new shafts in my 3 and 5 woods. I can't wait for my new clubs to arrive and experience the improvement in my game! This approach to customized clubs is light years beyond what I have experienced in the past. They also have a club builder and repair specialist that spent years on the PGA tour working with the pro's in making adjustments to their clubs. A very knowledgeable and professional staff. I'd highly recommend Sticks 96 Golf to any golfer who is serious about improving their game!


Troy N

I’m learning to adjust up a club – pitching wedge instead of nine iron from 100-120 yards now.  I also took the four iron from 210 years on par 5 and put it on the green.


Nancy N

After my fitting at Sticks 96 Golf, I am hitting my new driver 30 yards further


Jack Pelton

Something I had never experienced.... I was at Shangri La GC range. I am hitting my clubs with new Sticks 96 Golf shafts. I guy walks bye and says nice shot and ball flight!!! THANK YOU STICKS 96 GOLF, it really is making a difference.