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Fitting Process

Step 1: Baseline

  • Review shot patterns, tendencies and goals
  • Initial baseline established with golfer’s current equipment
  • Golf swing and ball data measured with launch monitor

Step 2: Fitting

  • Fitting process utilizes clubheads and shafts from top-line equipment
  • Best head/shaft combination determined by optimum ball speed, launch, spin, dispersion, smash factor, shot height, etc.
  • Specs include ideal loft, shaft weight/flex/length, lie angle, grip

Step 3: Testing & Gapping

  • When possible, a field test is performed by the golfer
  • Yardage gapping for wedges, hybrids, and fairway woods
  • Final club specs and set make-up determined and finalized

Step 4: Results

  • Clubs built to individual specifications
  • More consistent ball striking, reduced shot dispersion, increased distance
  • Lower scores… more FUN!!
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