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Should I order custom golf clubs from a manufacturer?

Ordering custom clubs from a manufacturer is an option, but unfortunately you may be sacrificing a couple key benefits.  The first is shaft options and selections.  Most manufacturers only offer a few shaft options that may or may not be what you need.  The second and most important is the details of the build process.  When we build clubs we take on average 45 minutes per club.  We spend the time to ensure that every club is at the exact frequency we are targeting and that every shaft is spined before it leaves our shop.  If you’re investing in custom golf clubs, why sacrifice the quality and settle for a less than perfect build.

Should I go to my local golf course to get fit?

We have many more tools at our disposal because we specialize in fitting.  Launch monitors to collect data, BGF fitting software with an extensive database of shafts that fit across all of our club heads, you’re not limited to the shaft options on any brand’s cart.  We get into more detail. There are more choices than just graphite or steel and shaft stiffness.  We go to the detail of finding out the perfect shaft weight, torque, launch angle, and spin rates from your shaft.

My friend just got a new club and he kills it.  I need it!

So someone in your group just got a new club and is now driving it past you? The advancement of technology is a constant in the golf industry and many of today’s clubs can really help you add distance while being more forgiving and consistent. Before you make the leap to assume the golf club that works so well for your friend is the right one for you ask yourself the following question; Am I the same height as he/she? Do I have the same swing tempo, release point, and swing speed?  Do I have the same launch angle?  If you answer no, to any of those, you will likely be better off spending some time with us to learn what the ultimate club is for you.  No two swings are the same and every club behaves differently so make sure you find the right one for you.

Is your launch monitor accurate – I need to hit outside before I make a decision.

While hitting outside may be what you are used to, it’s not necessarily the best option when selecting clubs.  The Foresight GC2 launch monitor used by more than 30 touring professionals on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour to help them accurately measure performance.  Having actual and precise data from the launch monitor is actually MORE helpful than simply watching the ball on the range.  We take many of the variables out so you can do a more accurate comparison.  Comparing spin rates, launch angles, and carry distances are key.

Do you only sell custom clubs?

No. While we specialize in custom club fitting, we actually offer most major brands of equipment such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Adams, Mizuno, Cleveland, Miura, Wishon, and several others.

Our objective at Sticks 96 Golf is to help our customers play better golf.  We achieve this objective by working with our customers, educating our customers, and ensuring they play equipment that fits their game.

Are custom fit clubs expensive?

While customizing golf clubs is not free, it does not have to be prohibitively expensive.  We have a wide range of fully installed shaft options that can be fit to you and perform better than the standard shaft you have now.

One way we are actually able to save you money is improving the performance of your existing club heads.  If you have relatively new equipment, we can reshaft it to enhance its performance.

Are custom clubs typically for advanced players?

Despite common perceptions, players of all ages and abilities will benefit from having clubs that match their game.

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