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2016 Cobra Drivers

2016 Cobra Driver Line-Up

Now that 2016 is here we will start to let you know about the new products that have hit the market. This week we put three of the new Cobra drivers to the test on our Foresight Launch Monitor.
The King LTD driver is a 460 cc driver that features a very low and deep center of gravity that produces high launch, low spin and fast ball speeds. This driver is limited to just being able to adjust loft from 9 to 11.5 degrees and our testing showed a ball flight that is straight to a slight fade. This driver will be for the better player who does not need a ton of flexibility with adjustments and wants to launch it high with low to moderate spin.
The second driver we tested was the F6+ driver. The F6+ driver features an 18 gram carbon fiber movable weight track that allows for weight to be positioned from front to back and allows for changes in launch and spin. The hosel loft option ranges from 9 to 12 degrees and our testing found a VERY low spinning driver even with the weight in the back of the driver. This driver will appeal to those trying to control a high launch ball flight with too much spin.
The final Cobra driver we tested was the F6. This driver also features the ability to move weight from front to back, however this driver features twoadjustable movable weights of 10 and 3 grams. The hosel loft range options are also 9 to 12 degrees. During testing, this driver proved very forgiving on off center hits. It produced higher spin with a more draw biased ball flight than the other two models we tested without a loss of ball speed. This driver will be for the golfer looking to get the ball to stay in the air longer and desiring more draw. The drivers are all in the Cobra fitting cart and ready to be fit for your game.


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