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Quintic Ball Roll

New Technology Now Available at Golf Etc. Wichita
The putter…the most used club in the bag, but often the most overlooked part of the average golfer’s practice. Golfers around the world are using technology such as launch monitors available in today’s market to help analyze and improve their full golf swing. Technology has transformed club fitting and swing instruction offering golfersthree dimensional frame by frame swing analysis, high-speed video and precise spin rates and launch angles that apply to the golf ball after impact However, when it comes to putting, rather than analyzing what our putting stroke and the ball are doing in detail, we sometimes opt to buy another putter with little more than hope as to whether it will truly improve our putting performance. How the putter and golf ball interact is crucial for success on the greens! 
 The Quintic Ball Roll system utilizes a high-speed camera (up to 360 frames per second) by tracking  the golf ball for the first 16 inches of the putt and the putter head, both pre and post impact. The system provides all of the information you need regardingthe putter and ball, both graphically and numerically, in a way that was formerly only available in full swing analysis software for irons and woods. Key measurements such as Face Angle, Twist, Launch Angle, Zero Skid, Forward Roll, and Side Spin are just a few of the key performance criteria which need to be optimized to putt your best.
 To improve your putting and ensure your putter is a proper fit for you, visit Golf Etc. Wichita and experience the Quintic Ball Roll.
 To learn more about the Quintic system:

Quintic Ball Roll Session $100
 Includes: Initial session, loft/lie putter changes, instruction, 2-follow up sessions
 If you purchase a new putter as a result of the session, the cost is reduced to $50 

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