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Quintic Ball Roll Technology

Quintic Ball Roll Technology 
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and spend the day with Dr. Paul Hurrion and the team from Quintic. Hopefully, you have heard that we recently installed the Quintic Ball Roll putting system at Golf Etc. Wichita. Quintic is not well known in this area as the technology was developed in England and is very prominent with European tour players (maybe this is why they make all those key putts in the Ryder Cup).
In a nutshell, the Quintic system is a launch monitor for putting and diagnostic tool to help you putt better. With this technology we can expertly fit you to a putter, provide lessons, and at 360 frames per second see how your putter and golf ball react during your putting stroke.

Is your Face Angle square at impact?

How much does your putter twist at impact?

Does your ball start rolling forward immediately or do you impart some backspin on your putts?

How quickly do you achieve a “true roll” and do you understand why this is critically important?

What are your launch and attack angles?

How much side spin do you place on the ball while putting?

How consistent are you with all of the above?

These are just a sampling of the items you will learn about during a Quintic Ball Roll session. Can we help you putt better? The answer is YES. Everyone can become a better putter. A Quintic session at Golf Etc. Wichita includes two follow-up sessions as we approach this as a coach-pupil relationship. Depending on where your putting skill is and the work needed to get you putting better, we keep working to help you play better golf.
Call us today to schedule your session at (316)-719-2489. It is a great way to improve your game during winter season.

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